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General Information about MasterCard® Mobile Payment

Matercard Mobile

What is MasterCard® Mobile?

MasterCard® Mobile payment is provided by FHB Bank Ltd in web stores.
MasterCard® Mobile Hungary is an innovative way of payment by which Card Owners can pay with their mobile phones while debiting their MasterCard® or Maestro® (with CVC code) debit card or credit card accounts. MasterCard® Mobile service provides special security to you because

•    You do not have to give out the bank card number,

•    Payment confirmation is via mobile phone.

How can you get MasterCard® Mobile service?

•    Download MasterCard® Mobile Application from the appropriate web store (Apple Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace)

•    Register your MasterCard® Mobile Application with the registration code sent in SMS and give your mPIN code used for payment confirmation

•    Register your MasterCard® or Maestro® (with CVC code) bankcard by giving the bankcard details via MasterCard® Mobile Application and also remember to accept the terms of use of the service.

•    After finishing registration a one-time registration fee of 99 HUF is to be debited on your given debit card or credit card.

•    You can find the activation code of your registered bankcard on your bank statement (or internet bank) in the narrative field of the debited registration fee.

•    Activate your registered bankcard via MasterCard® Mobile Application by giving your service activation code.

How can I pay by my mobile?

1.    While paying, type your mobile number or MasterCard® Mobile Identifier in the appropriate field. You can find your MasterCard® Mobile Identifier in MasterCard® Mobile Application on your mobile.

2.    Soon you receive a message containing the details of your payment (Acceptor’s name, amount, payment deadline) that you can read via MasterCard® Mobile Application.

3.    Via MasterCard® Mobile Application select one of your registered bankcards and give your mPIN to confirm payment.

4.    A message is sent to inform you about the result of the payment.

Customers of T-Mobile and Telenor can use the service via conventional mobile phones as well with a special SIM card required from their mobile service provider. For further information, please visit www.mastercard.hu/mobile or www.fhb.hu/mobile.

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